Final design?

Not too sure if this will be the final design, I’ll need to put in some colours and see how it goes… But I really like it so far. Like, really like it. 😀

Feedback would be awesome guys! :DD


Creature Silhouettes



These were my final 10, they started looking a little too Pokemon-ish in the middle bottom one… So I decided to NOT continue with that one.


So! After suggestions from everyone in the class, They’re liking the idea of the multiple antennae, the mask face, and the potential for a ‘web nest’ to mix the wasp/spider behaviours. Awesome ideas! Also, I’ll work on the wings a bit more to accommodate some kind of shell, to reduce the likelihood of ruining the webnest in any way 🙂

Exciting things! I’ll work on final designs tonight while I’m at work! :DD

Creature Progress

We had a class yesterday to teach us how to thumbnail and quickly think up creature ideas.
Initially we had to grab creature silhouettes, and start putting them together in strange ways, but ways that still worked for the hybrids 😀

My creature is going to be a hybrid of a spider/butterfly

The bottom three were my first of the designs.


Katie then suggested a wasp/hornet addition, because it could work really well with a spider body… so I drew up this silhouette:


This is by far my favourite, makes sense biologically, and I feel like it will bring about the creepy ‘2nd level’ creature feel 🙂
So, I went ahead and started filling in the lines, to have final lineart like such:


I love him. His name is Frederick and I love him.

Now because I am so into this design, I went ahead and started colouring him. I decided that I wanted the colours to work well with camouflage in his forest environment. I started gathering references from other animals who do this well:


So from here, it was just a matter of deciding colours, and sticking with them. I wanted my creature to blend in well near the foliage of the big tree – so that when you walk past his part of the enclosure, he’s so well hidden that you don’t notice him until he moves. This resulted with…


Beauty. Now, he’s still in progress, I’m going to fix the wings up a little, and add fur to the rest of him, but I really like how he’s turning out and I’m hopefully going to keep this creature if the teachers will allow it :DD

Peace! x


Initial Post

This is pretty much just a post to check out the layout/general feel of this whole page.

WordPress is new to me, even though it probably shouldn’t be at this stage… oops.

Erm, have a look at my latest picture I finished! Just because I need to see how pictures work on here 🙂

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