Long Post is Long

Alrighty! Here goes nothing 😀
So tonight I finished off my model for Raisin, he’s gorgeous. The legs were initially the hardest part to figure out, but then I realised I could just copy and paste the front legs for the rest, and join them up with target welding (Thank you James for reminding me to delete the polygon of the vertices I wanted to weld together FIRST. Hence why it didn’t work for a while, lel)


This is his finished base model, sans wings and eyes.

spidey5 spidey6

Adding the wings! Not too hard, just made a plane, added some loops and played around with the shape a little 🙂

spidey7 spidey_12

Now, when it came to actually making the wings stay in a correct place, so that they didn’t cut into the body when sticking out as they are – I had to do a lot of adjusting… nothing difficult, just a hindrance.




Next up is rigging! This next picture was just me messing around with the Spider CAT rig that’s already in 3DS, just to see how the limbs work and such, how they can be placed to best suit the model, and vice versa.


I had to adjust the base CAT model quite a lot in order for it to fit properly, as shown in these next two pictures:

spideycatrigchange2 spideycatrigchange

(Original is the blue CAT Triangle)

But after a lot of messing around, I have the very basic, not yet weighted rig/skin sorted! :DD

spidey_14 spidey_13

I’ve taken videos of the walk cycle I’ve animated, just to see how it all flows with the adjusted rig, and so far everything seems okay (The videos are on my phone, so I’ll upload them later ^_^)
Oh! I also followed this super easy tutorial on how to animate a spider walk cycle in 3DS btw, just in case anyone was wondering:

So that’s it for now! I’ll upload the videos soon, hopefully my phone will work for me for that, and I’ve been researching a lot into the history of Particle Effects/Lighting in games, to find that there isn’t a super super great deal of content. There are some examples of bad lighting, and examples of TERRIBLE lighting used in games (http://www.moddb.com/tutorials/lighting-in-game-environments-the-hows-and-whys), but nothing that really suggests progress being made from these past examples. Most of the time, the artists are just taking pictures of areas in the real world, and attempting to mimic that look in-game, pretty simple.

The most in depth video I’ve found is a documentary by Pixel Pioneers on the Brief History of Graphics, where it talks through the changes over the decades, and how far in-game graphics have come http://www.cartoonbrew.com/videogames/an-excellent-history-of-graphics-in-videogames-106342.html). Particle effects are harder to find a history of in games (Check out this sick particle effect in Star Trek II, The Wrath of Khan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXbWCrzWJo4), but there is some content so I should be fine there 😀
If anyone knows of any good links for either of these topics, that would be super helpful :DDD
I’ll get back to this before I go to work tomorrow afternoon (If my bf lets me use his computer for 3DS, mine is still terrible and won’t run the program whatsoever, damn limitations to my work) Oh well! I’ll figure it out! 😀

Have a great weekend everybody! 🙂 x


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