Lighting in UE4

Okay, so I’ve re-watched lighting tutorial videos in UE4, and I’ve realised that we, as a class need to decide what kind of lighting we want to use in the main area. Choices are Static, Stationary and Movable.

I’ll explain them all briefly, they’re in order of performance cost.

Static = Baked in lights i.e. the colour/brightness of them cannot be affected at all during run-time, they affect their surrounding area with shadows, etc., but do not affect dynamic objects’ shadows/lighting in any way. (E.g., An object passes the light, and it will seem to have no effect on it whatsoever.) It is also completely unmovable during run-time. These lights are usually used to set the mood for the environment.

Stationary = Unmovable lights, but their colour and brightness can be changed during run-time by direct lighting (indirect = light reflections off other objects the light hits, etc.) e.g. wall torches, campfires, alarm lights. 

Movable = Self-explanatory, you can move/alter them at any time in-game/during run-time, and they can cast dynamic lights and shadows on moving objects. Examples of movable lights include handheld torches, swaying lights, etc. Anything that can move, but also affects the shadows that are cast by objects that get in its light trajectory.

I know in the second level there will be a lot of Stationary and Movable. I want flickering lights and alarm lights, which will likely be stationary, and the potential for some swinging cords of electric cables, which would be movable lights.

The question is guys – what kind of lighting would you all like to use? I’ll need to scope my desired lighting ideas for the second environment, so as not to chew up too much memory at once, and I’m hoping you’ll all do the same 😀
Can’t have it so that our environment doesn’t even load XD

Start thinking about it everyone! Once this level is modelled and ready to add assets to, i want lighting sorted out almost immediately :DDD



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