Asset Data Workflow

Realised this is a necessary blog post that I can super quickly and easily smash out 🙂

Describe efficient workflows for handling asset data across various production stages, from concept to completion.

For all of my assets I’ve created so far, I’ve been keeping them on a USB that I take with me everywhere. EVERYWHERE.
And in the off-chance that I lose that USB, every asset I create for all of my projects is uploaded into a Google Drive Folder, specific to that project.

As I update my spidey. for example, I’ll upload the newest .max file, and delete the old one from the Drive folder. I still keep the last 10 older versions on my USB just in case I mess up and have to go back (Not necessary, just a fail-safe that I’ve implemented into my own practise), as well as on my uni account folders.

Now that I have a working computer, I’ll also be saving back-ups of everything I create to Project folders there as well.

I’ve found that the Google Drive method is especially good for keeping all files immediately accessible to everyone on your team, anywhere, any time. I’ve got four different projects I’m working on at the moment, and having GD is such a great way for me to keep myself organised (Everyone knows how much I love organisation, GIVE ME LISTS.)

Cool beans, just thought I’d get all this out there 😀


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