Skinning & Test Animation

So for yesterday’s play test, I made a quick animation for Raisins, which I then eralised wouldn’t export to Unreal properly soooo I’ll figure that out soon.

I just wanted to get my blogging back up to speed is all XD

Yay Spidey! (I’ve since tweaked the animation a little more, he now lands back to the original position… but for now that will do XD)


This class will kill me.

Guys, Unreal won’t work, I can’t get the Level 2 layout done at all – so if anyone else in my group or otherwise could please do it, that would be fantastic. I honestly can’t access anything in Unreal without it crashing completely. Everything is wrong.

At this rate there will actually be no level 2 to play test.

Spidey Colour Ideas & Other Stuff

Just wanted to show everyone what my main idea for Raisins’ colour scheme would be πŸ˜€ Lots of bland colours, mixed with the occasional bright warning colours, just to show you he means business πŸ˜›

Spidey Colours

Also! I’ve been working on my hologram symbols using a DT series, SO, hopefully by tomorrow night I’ll have a decent holographic interface up and running :DD (Note: it won’t be red, it’s just easier to see than cyan)

Hologram symbols

IΒ also spent all day downloading and adding more assets to my unreal particle/lighting level, so once that’s all put together I’ll post more πŸ™‚

Happy blogging!

More things!


Bridge! Which I then turned into a bridge made of 3 sided polys, moved around a few vertices, to get…


The ‘I’d already unwrapped it with my super-awesome rainbow checker pattern material applied before I rememberd to take a photo’ BRIDGE.


And have some 5 minute clouds I chucked together too:

Clouds_2 Clouds


Low Poly Modelling

So with the game, Bird Life, everything is meant to look low-poly, and have that simple, papercraft look to it.

I found I was having a lot of trouble trying to achieve that look for a lot of my work, so I went back, looked up a really helpful tutorial from here:Β–cg-31770 and went for it πŸ™‚

It’s a tutorial for Blender, but I figured I could still take lessons from it and use them for 3DS πŸ™‚

I learnt how to use the soft selection tool in 3DS, and it really helped make things a lot more smooth and simplistic πŸ˜€

It really helped me understand the need for the right lighting colour/attenuation/positioning.

In the end, I ended up with this scene, and I’m really happy with it!
Yay for learning new things/updating your brain XD



Trello Fun :)

So, everyone knows I love lists, and I’ve been playing around with Trello a lot.

I’ve been gifted a few months of free Trello Gold because I had a few of our class members join through my email requests XD So thank you guys πŸ˜€

Just wanted to show you all a way to make your boards/lists/cards more organised, with the checklist option πŸ™‚
It makes your added cards look like this:


And the way to do this is:

1. Add a card, example being: Spidey

2. Click on the name ‘Spidey’, a window will pop up that looks like what I showed you


3. On the right of that window, there will be an option that says ‘Checklist’, click that, then name it whatever you want

4. Type in what needs to be done for that task, click ‘Add’


All done! Once you’ve completed a task within that checklist, just tick the box next to the task name, and it should look something like this:


So yay! Organisation that makes Dakota even happier!!! :DDDDD

Hope you’re all having a fab weekend! I’ll be updating everything I’ve done tomorrow πŸ™‚

Updated Spidey Rig :)

Guess who finally finished adding all the bones to her spidey rig? Me! Sorry Kate, should have tweaked and uploaded this to the drive way sooner than now 😦 So sorry about that!

But! For a brief time, Raisins had a lovely colour co-ordinated colour scheme for individual parts of his body, and he was beautiful. But as I went to animate him, the whole rig turned back to red, so ooooh well. πŸ™‚

Anyway, he moves fairly well from what I’ve played around with, and hopefully I don’t run into any problems. If Β I do, you’ll all of course be the first to know :DD Hahaha

Rig_01 Rig_02 Rig_03

Woohoo! πŸ™‚