Birdlife, again :)

I made a nest! Yay!

So the idea was to build it in 3 parts, to tie in to how you build nests in the game.

As the bird, you pick up a twig, and can then place a nest down on any flat surface. If you’ve placed it in the wrong spot to what you wanted, or just decided that there’s a better place to put it, you can undo that placement and place it elsewhere. The programmers are trying to make it so that you don’t get frustrated with nest placement, and therefore stop enjoying the game.

Once you’ve placed the first part of the nest (Bottom piece), you can collect more twigs, and continue to build the next two parts. Once the last part (Top piece) is placed, then that’s where the nest is, it’s permanent and cannot be moved.



To make this possible, I made the bottom piece, extruded up and make the second piece which I then detached as a separate section, and did the same for the last piece.
I’ve exported each piece as a separate file, and as one, because I wasn’t exactly sure what the programmers would need to allow the pieces to be separated in Unity. But so far, so good! Everyone in my team is happy with this, and I am too 🙂 Just need to unwrap and put a basic texture on it 😀


The game designer gave me a 4,500 poly plane, which was meant to be the land of the park. I optimised it down to a much lower poly count, and have since gotten rid of the ‘path’ that he had there. I realised it would probably be better to just texture a path onto the plane, as opposed to this strange, bridge-like object acting as a path XD

Anyway! This is what I last worked on yesterday, so stay tuned for more! 🙂





3 thoughts on “Birdlife, again :)

  1. Wow! That’s look beautiful! I feel inspired : ) I will definitely one day try to create something similar as I really love this abstract style : ) If there will be possibility could you next week show me how you set up so far whole scene in 3Ds Max? Please! : D

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