Birdlife Data Asset Workflow

Hey guys!

Just wanted to do a quick blog post on the effectiveness of the way my Birdlife group handled all their assets and data between members 🙂 (Let’s be honest, they organised everything a lot better than we did for the Creature project XD)

Okay! So the primary location for all our usable assets to be stored was Google Drive. Everything was organised well into different folders, and I came up with my own naming convention to allow ease of workflow later on. (e.g. Tree_01, Tree_02, etc.)


Each asset was uploaded from USB/PC/etc to the drive, under its folder name. These were easy to navigate and make sense of.

2 As we worked on files, we would put place holder assets into the ‘Prototypes’ folder, and any assets that weren’t going to be for the absolutely final build were placed into ‘Working Files’, i.e. Files that you’re still working on until everything is finished. Made sense to me XD


Aside from the occasional asset that a programmer would make and haphazardly chuck into my beautiful folder, everything worked well and ran smoothly due to the care taken by the team leads. Great job guys!

For the programmers/designer, they used Github to store their game builds. Now I’m not too certain on how this is used, but essentially Github saves all previous builds you ‘push’/upload? to the repository, to act as backups in case your current game build has problems that you can’t figure out the solutions to. This was really useful for them, as it meant any problems they encountered could be solved by simply ‘pulling’ the previous game build, and checking the code to see what’s been changed since. My programmer boyfriend wants me to learn how to use Github for future projects as it will be useful to me later on in my professional career, buuuuut he’s also scared that I’ll mess up everything and forget to push/pull the old and new builds… something something… I’ll destroy everything. I’m pretty certain he’s right to be fearful with that. XD

All in all, Birdlife was handled really well, and yes we will be polishing it later on when we’ve all recovered after such a long, stressful period. And yes, I’ll definitely still be using my personal naming conventions, and shunning all who don’t follow it 😛


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