Creature Menagerie – Post Mortem

This may take a while… hahaha 🙂

Okay, so this is where I evaluate everything. I’m going to be honest, and I’m going to be very critical of myself.

Overall, I feel the project went well, considering the time we had to learn how to use an entirely new game engine, and how much other work had to be done outside of this project. I think our teams worked mostly well together, and that we’ve all definitely learnt something about teamwork, and how to communicate best with others to come together for a final product.
Steve told us that we’d gotten further than the last tri’s class, since we were actually able to stitch everything together, however I still feel like it needs to be polished, and that we should definitely not forget about this project, considering how much more incredible it could become. Our show reels could really reel people in. hehehe.

Now for the cold hard truth.

Some things that I feel I did well with:

Ensuring everyone knew exactly what had to be done (Messages, Trello)

Giving constructive feedback via blog commenting

Trying new ways to help everyone learn together (Weekly 1-hr tutorial viewing, which stopped after about 3 weeks sadly.)

I feel that I, as a team leader, failed. I feel that so strongly that it hurts. I should have been more on top of getting my team to contribute their parts, I should have been meeting up with members in our spare time to work together. I should have spent more time on my work than at work. I should have been more communicative with our facilitator about which methods would be most effective to keep everyone on track, and overall, I should have been more authoritative over my team.

The project was very broken by the time of the exhibition, which means that we definitely needed that one week of polish that we’d set out to do in our Project Proposals, however we did not meet that deadline in time, and so we had what we had.We needed to stick to our project timeline, and ensure we completed our work on time, and to a satisfactory level.

I think I personally need to go over Work Breakdown Structures again, to properly be able to analyse a project, and know which method would work best to get the project done on time, and to our initial expectations.

Over the holidays I’ll be researching this, as well as other possibilities for organisation and data asset workflow. I may also look into more production pipelines, and attempt to create some works implementing pipelines that I create for myself, as good practise. I feel like this is something everyone else should do as well, to hopefully come into next trimester with as much preparedness as we can have in these areas.

One more thing that we needed to stick to were our naming conventions. We had set out technical frameworks for this project, and almost everyone (myself included) forgot to ensure that all of our assets were named accordingly, by the standards we had set out in the Art Bible. They were simple, and most of us failed to remember them. This needs to be worked on most definitely. I know that upon stitching together all three levels, Kate, Brandon and I ensured each asset in each level was named according to the level they belonged in. This was both for peace of mind, as well as a way to prevent problematic file migration in Unreal. It was a good idea, but we hadn’t actually specified to do that to our class whatsoever, and it should have definitely been something to document in the Art Bible earlier on.

To be honest, I’m not too sure how a post-mortem goes anymore, and I’m much too tired to check examples, but I feel like I’ve covered all the bases I wanted to… so I’m not too upset.


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