Helpful Tutorials!

Another one! Last post I think before bed 🙂

So throughout the trimester I’ve been going through oodles upon oodles of tutorials from all different sources: Digital Tutors, Youtube, Unreal Help Forums, Yahoo answers, and just general Google searching.

The ones I’ve found to be most useful to me over the trimester are:

(And it’s following volumes)

This was a great way to introduce myself to Unreal as a whole. The tutor very clearly went through and explained how everything worked, gave assignments to finish at the end of each volume, and just set his videos out in a way that was easy to navigate and accomplish.

This volume was the beginning point for me with particle effects. I was taught how to create and alter a dust particle system completely, and as can be seen in my show reel, I have produced my own dust particle effect for my specialisation level. I would have made more, but due to time constraints I was absolutely unable to create multiple, complicated particles like I had initially wanted to. I’m still learning how to use Cascade effectively, but I think I’m well on my way to becoming a Particle Master soon enough 😀

The videos also went into detail about lighting, and he used an example of a cave and the different effects and moods you can achieve with just simple, subtle changes in lighting colour, attenuation, intensity, etc. I wanted this to be in my final level to show that I’d learnt from his lessons, and I feel I did that effectively.

Another set of tutorials I found particularly helpful (I honestly watched tens of hours of videos, but I’m just going to pick the ones that really helped me get out of a mental pickle) were the ones explaining how to use Matinee for my cinematic.

This was a particularly helpful link, as it showed the absolute basics of how to do a fly-through of a scene, with cuts between cameras and everything. I found this particularly useful for my show reel, because without this knowledge I’d never have been able to show you guys what I had created this trimester. Clearly my skills with show reel, camera capture, movie making and such still need work, but I’m not particularly upset by how everything turned out 🙂

until next time, folks!


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