Hologram Production Pipeline

Okie dokie!

Production pipelines!

So one of the aspects of my specialisation task was to make a Hologram effect to be used in the final Creature Project. I vaguely remember researching production pipelines early on in the trimester, plus taking extensive notes when Steve talked to us about it in class that one time, but didn’t really do much thinking, pipeline-wise, until the very end.


I’ve found that as a person who loves to make lists, I’m constantly creating, altering, and implementing production pipelines in everything I do. For a uni project, there’s an easy to follow pipeline of what the final product I need to make is, and the steps I need to take to get that final product.


This is me, by the end of every week that I live my life.

For my hologram effect, it started off with a lot of research. That means pictures, videos, movies that implemented holograms, you name it. These were just a few ideas that I wanted to keep in mind when making my holographic projections:

326 avatarbrain Iron-Man-Movie-Prologue-Hologram-2 show TRON_GFX_SS_27

What’s a common shape here? Circles. Common colour? Cyan. Common movement? Rotation.


At first I started researching Particle Effect videos, because I thought this would be the best way (They ended up being useful for other parts of my specialisation though), however I realised I was wrong, too late mind you, but at least in time to create the desired product before the exhibition.
Example: http://www.digitaltutors.com/tutorial/181-Creating-Interface-Effects-in-3ds-Max-and-After-Effects

I decided that I’d try some basic circular shapes, try and move those around or something, pretty much figured that it would be a cinch, and I could smash this out within a day or so. Nope, nope, nope. It took weeks to find the right video explaining how to correctly make a holographic projection that could be usable in UE4, and it was only in the week before exhibition week that I found this fantastic human’s video:

MY SAVIOUR. So, I started my creations:

I never ended up using all of these, BUT, at least I learnt many things. Namely, RGB channels in Photoshop are a really cool thing. And learning how to utilise them for animation in UE4 was really exciting and fun 😀

I don’t have videos of the hologram test level I did, but I’ll take screenshots soon and post them in here as an edit later on 😀 Too dang tired right now XD

I ended up with these two images in the final levels:

Level1_Crea_Hologram Level2_Crea_Hologram

which I’m actually super proud of. I was able to create an animated material in Unreal, and apply it to these textures effectively. In my level 2 i was even able to implement a red flashing light onto it also, to give it a more dark feel.
Overall, I feel like I followed my personal pipeline well, and really, compared to that first picture of a production pipeline, I feel like I actually followed it almost perfectly XD Regardless of how time limited I ended up being :SS Hahaha


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