More Jotunheim

So today I bought this book:

It’s going to be for my final project group, the viking game :)) Not only will it be for that though, but to further research into viking design and history. We want our game to be as historically accurate as possible, and after much research I’ve been pushed towards this book as a good historical research point.

When it arrives I’m going to scour every crevice of this book and get back to you all with my notes on it :DD In the meantime, I’ve been given two books from Ben Cook to analyse for references. Hopefully they give me good material to work with!!! Perhaps I should actually link my websites I’ve been looking up Viking history on? (Some are completely ridiculous, I know)



Viking Research

So last night I watched this in the background of my PM Documentation stuff 😀 It’s interesting for sure, but I’m not entirely sure how accurate it is tbh. :S

Definitely makes for an interesting listen, and gives me more ideas of how to portray the characters in Utangard 🙂

Creature Model Sheets

Model Sheets for CITS!

So I haven’t made these for anyone other than myself before (Cue stress over accuracy of creatures/how in-line everything is, etc.)

Here are my creature model sheets! They range from completely normal to super strange! Hooray! Essentially they’re just meant to be a base for now, until we can see what we’re capable of, in terms of rendering/visual effects, etc. 🙂


P.S. Don’t mind my comments on them 😛

ModelSheet_Cheetah_Dakota ModelSheet_Ostrich_Dakota modelsheet_seahorse_dakota

Vikings Vikings Vikings

Character Designs:

Looking into how I want the Heroes for our game to look, and have decided with Brandon that we’ll make some of them have traits similar to that of ourselves. Hence, Baldur is going to look like Brandon with his glorious mane. 😀

I want to have pretty polished designs for 5 of the Heroes done for the presentation on Monday, as well as some clear ideas of the layout/environment of our game 🙂 Stay tuned! 😀
FacialHair_Refs FacialHair_Refs2FacialHair_Refs3





Improving my life… one sheet at a time.

Model Sheets!

I’m actually super not great at these… My 2D skills leave much to be desired most of the time, and I can never quite get things to match up on my model sheets no matter how many lines I measure across XD

But I think I did okay this time, with the help of Adam on my seahorse (thanks for the encouraging whack on the head :P), I think I managed to produce some okay sheets! yay!

If they’re not okay, I’m sure one of the modellers will let me know asap 🙂 hahahaha!

I swear I’ll improve everything, even just a little bit! :DDmodelsheet_seahorse_dakota

I had a lot of fun making the seahorse look surreal, which I didn’t really do for the other two – maybe because it’s more of a floating creature? Not sure why, the same style just didn’t seem to suit the other two, especially if we change the creature art style for the final animation to what I have in mind…. OH WELL!ModelSheet_Ostrich_Dakota ModelSheet_Cheetah_Dakota

Viking Concepts!


I’m just starting to get into my landscape concepting for our viking game started… and warmed up with this 10min MASTERPIECE. AWW YISS.

Lighting is a butt, and can go eat itself. But no really, I can already tell that I’m going to learn a lot just from this part of the project alone.

3D Particle Effects

Alrighty! I took a break from Photoshop to do some research into what the Steve and the Leads were discussing in class today (How to change the look of the character/creatures, different ideas, etc.)

I found this super useful tutorial on how to assemble particles into the shape of an object! Hooray! I just skipped through it and watch a few minutes here and there, but it seems like this could potentially be useful to have the 3D models be made up entirely of ‘stardust’ 😀
So, the next question for me to figure out is, can this method be used for moving, animated models?