Brief study times

Hahahaha, I don’t get breaks. jk 🙂

I’ve taken some time out of organising, re-organising and re-organising CITS OVER AND OVER AGAIN in my mind to study some concept stuff. By next week, Brandon and I need to have some pretty awesome concept art pieces to show at our presentation for Final Project, as well as Sam (Audio Sam) needing them to get inspiration for his music.
I’ve tasked myself with attempting to come up with some cool landscape concepts, even though I’m fully aware that I do NOT have great environmental art skills XD WE ALL HAVE TO LEARN OKAY.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this video:
Understanding Digital Colors


This was super fascinating, and since my notes by the end of it were exactly the same as his summary, I’m just going to put up a picture of that instead:

He basically just talks about how colours work well together in images, and how best to use colours to make your picture work best. Super fascinating, definitely recommend!


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