Improving my life… one sheet at a time.

Model Sheets!

I’m actually super not great at these… My 2D skills leave much to be desired most of the time, and I can never quite get things to match up on my model sheets no matter how many lines I measure across XD

But I think I did okay this time, with the help of Adam on my seahorse (thanks for the encouraging whack on the head :P), I think I managed to produce some okay sheets! yay!

If they’re not okay, I’m sure one of the modellers will let me know asap 🙂 hahahaha!

I swear I’ll improve everything, even just a little bit! :DDmodelsheet_seahorse_dakota

I had a lot of fun making the seahorse look surreal, which I didn’t really do for the other two – maybe because it’s more of a floating creature? Not sure why, the same style just didn’t seem to suit the other two, especially if we change the creature art style for the final animation to what I have in mind…. OH WELL!ModelSheet_Ostrich_Dakota ModelSheet_Cheetah_Dakota


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