Okie dokie! I have a cool thing to talk about as a potential side project, once I’m working less and such 🙂

High poly models, mixed with small teaser trailers! Woo!

This is kind of like a mini specialisation task, only it’s not so mini. I’ve talked about it with a few people and they all seem to think it’s a good idea so far, so that’s encouraging!

Alrighty, so as most of you know I’m into cosplay, like a lot. So I wanted to see how I could turn my desire to make costumes (which I have no time for right now) into a more productive desire that could contribute towards my portfolio at the end of this tri. SO. I HAVE SOMEHOW DONE IT.

I’m going to hopefully 3D model cosplayers from around the world, who I personally believe capture their characters so perfectly that it shows simply through their pictures. I’m going to make high poly models of their cosplays and produce short, cinematic teaser trailers (teasers for what? Nothing really, I just want something really cool for people to watch and get excited about, even if they don’t know what they’re getting excited about :P) for each.

So for now, this means that I have to ask every cosplayer I wish to do this for, for permission to use their body for my purposes (sounds creepy, in the creepiest of ways.) I’m kind of struggling to word this in a way that won’t sound weird to them, but thankfully I have a friend who’s big in the cosplay scene that I can start with (yay connections!) and she’s agreed to let me use one of her cosplays as my first attempt. :DDD



1540527_1100378856643387_502678606825706597_o 10551715_1006294669385140_7238708830472045018_o

10854215_989447844403156_4390262331964878546_o 10986872_1027970493884224_237453895922724249_o

I might sketch up some quick animatics or something to give you all an idea for what I have in mind, teaser-wise, but for now I’m just excited to 3D model cosplayers 😀


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