CITS Reference Material Analysis

I’m pumping out blog posts here guys, so sorry about that >< haha

For Cave In The Sky, one of the very first tasks was to develop a clear vision of what the final product was going to be. As PM, I needed a very good understanding of that in order to help my team create assets that would tie in with the overall idea well.

Angelica quickly set up a multiple Pinterest boards that would include all aspects of the project (Art style, Transitions/Particle Effects/Animation/Stage Steup). While we didn’t end up needing the ones involved in stage setup, they were useful later on when we discussed our ideas on this matter with Akshay at a later point.

Okay! So once the boards were set up, I was invited to start pinning to it, and boy did I. Angelica, Maxx and I went crazy with pins, finding images that we all thought suited the idea that we’d all agreed on.

I’m going to pick out a select few that definitely stood out to me as the main inspirations for our final design decision, and discuss why I chose them.



Now this first piece was, to me, magical. When I listened to the audio for CITS, I imagined beautiful galaxies and far away places. We had all discussed merging ideas of the ocean, ground and sky to give more of an ethereal feel, and to me this piece summed up almost all of that for me. The innocent character, the cloudy fish swimming through the sky, and even the perspective all added to its effect.
This inspired my original galaxy aurora concept, and the final product involves many songs with colourful galaxies, and a beautiful aurora.



This was another image that took my breath away. The idea of the girl herself becoming ethereal and wispy, blending into the environment in that way was beautiful. It again used a galaxy to pull off this effect, and so I wanted to try and take that idea but change it to give some variety. That resulted in my ‘Clouded Mind’ concept.  unfortunately this idea never made it into the final product, but I’m not fussed about it, I still love this inspirational image to bits 😀


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