Making all the things, and still MANAGING to keep my head together

Huehuehuehue. No but seriously, I made some things 🙂

These were the final backgrounds to be used for the songs ‘The Gift’, ‘Honey Tree’ and ‘Sönghellir’.
Maxx wrote up a very specific story plan for each song, so I tried to ensure that my images followed that well, and hopefully I did >< hahaha 🙂
The Gift_Dakota



Along with these, I also modelled, rigged, skinned, animated and rendered out my little seahorse creature, here are his two cute animations 🙂

After realising that quite a few people weren’t too familiar with After Effects, myself included, I decided to learn how to create a couple of animations to add to some of our scenes 🙂
Hopefully they were helpful for those who were tasked with compositing the song scenes :DD (I know who you aaaaaare!)

Note: I’ll add the links soon, the videos are just uploading to Vimeo now, and some are rather large files 🙂

Along with this, I’m also slowly going through and tweaking some animations that others have done (Thank you Jon for the basis for these animations, seriously helpful! Oh, and the OBVIOUSLY model itself XD) in order to flow more smoothly in the scene. I’ve made these deer animations smoother after a lot of pain went into them, and even though they’re not perfect by any means, I’m still happy with the final outcome 😀

Don’t mind the random glow fading away in these GIFs, I accidentally put the material on while Auto Key was on at the time (Since been fixed).



After this super intense week is over, and I’ve got more time to work on Cave In The Sky before the performance itself (September 13th), I’ll be going over the Phoenix renders as well, just to brighten them up a little. The animations themselves are great, but the creature itself doesn’t stand out too much from the black background, so we need to tweak that a little 🙂 No biggie! Should be done in no time 😀

Until next blog post peeps!


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