Update on Sculpting

Okay! So some of you might know that I’d planned to tackle two specialisations this trimester: Compositing a trailer and 2 high-poly sculptures.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and other tasks requiring more of my attention, I was unable to complete even the base models to begin sculpting with. :/ I’ve decided to put this task on hold until the holidays, and just focus on the trailer for my specialisation project.

The furthest I’d gotten was a basic idea of the body shape for the male character. However, here are my model sheets, just to prove that yes I did start something! Even if I absolutely didn’t get a chance to finish it XD

Dylan ModelSheet Kat ModelSheet

Capture01 And this was where I’d gotten so far. No real muscle definition so far, and the hands/legs/head obviously need to be finished as well. OH WELL, I’m still motivated to continue this project as a personal challenge, so I think you’ll definitely be seeing more of these later on 🙂



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